Communities and Towns

ABERDEEN - Aberdeen was founded by railroad tycoons and entrepreneurs. The original name, "Blue's Crossing," was changed to Aberdeen in 1887. The Aberdeen Historic District encompasses 88 acres and over 100 historic buildings. The population is currently 3, 600. This vibrant and active community is in southern Moore County.

CAMERON - Cameron was incorporated in 1876 with the center of the town located at the Raleigh & Augusta Airline Railroad. The area was originally settled by Highland Scots. Cameron is known today for its antique shops and quaint main street. The populations is 242

CARTHAGE - Carthage was established as the county seat of Moore County in 1784. The Tyson and Jones Buggy Factory, located in Carthage beginning in 1850, was considered to be the "Cadillac" of the horse drawn buggy industry for many years. Carthage is centrally located in Moore County and has a population of 1,700.

FOXFIRE - Foxfire Village, located west of Pinehurst is a quiet community with two golf courses and a country club. The population is 423.

PINEHURST - Pinehurst is the most famous city in Moore County. The Village of Pinehurst itself was designed to resemble a New England Village in 1895. James Walker Tufts is credited with planting the famous pine trees of Pinehurst when he transformed the area into a health resort at the beginning of the 20th century. The area evolved into a golf resort very quickly in the early 1900s. Pinehurst was the site of the 1999 US Men's Open Golf Tournament. The tournament will be staged again at Pinehurst in 2005. The population is 8,300.

ROBBINS - Robbins is the center of the pottery industry in Moore County. Visiting local pottery shops surrounding Robbins is a favorite way to spend an afternoon. The populations is 1,120.

SOUTHERN PINES - Moore County's largest city, Southern Pines, was founded in 1884 by John Patrick. The town has a beautiful main street lined with huge magnolia trees and many interesting and unique shops. The population is now 10,000.

SEVEN LAKES - WEST END - This area, with its beautiful lakes and opportunity for recreation, is growing quickly. Located just a five minute drive north of Pinehurst, Seven Lakes features country clubs, golf courses, boating, and horseback riding in a quiet atmosphere with small town conveniences. The population is 2,800.

WHISPERING PINES - The modern day town of Whispering Pines was founded by A. B. Hardee. Mr. Hardee bought the land in 1959 and wanted to create the finest private, residential development as was possible. Ten years later the area was chartered as a village by the state legislature. Whispering Pines is a peaceful place to place golf, enjoy the lake, or listen to the wind "whispering through the pines." The population is 1, 700.

MOORE COUNTY - Moore County was first settled in 1739. Original settlers were a mixture of English, Irish, and Scots. The county was named for Alfred Moore, a Revolutionary War hero, Attorney General of North Carolina, and Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. Mr. Moore was also an original trustee of the University of North Carolina. The dominating economic influences of Moore County have been agriculture during its first 150 years and tourism in its most recent 100 years.