Moore County School Information


Moore County Schools is the heart of the community. We are clear about our direction, and we are responsive to our students and the community.

Everyone in the district embraces learning while providing a safe environment where all thrive.

We value diversity, and we are committed to profound learning that enhances the quality of life for each individual.

More About Moore County Schools

Moore County Schools offers a comprehensive curriculum K-12 that includes workforce development, programs for special needs and gifted students and arts education. All three high schools offer a variety of Advanced Placement course, as well as other academically challenging opportunities for all students.

The district's students have consistently met or exceeded growth expectations in the state's "ABCs" accountability program. In addition, the district's 2011 SAT average of 1025 exceeded the national average by 14 points and the state average by 24 points.

Moore County Schools supports the efforts of teachers pursuing National Board Certification.

Moore County, North Carolina, is economically diverse and noted for its high quality of life. Although agriculture has always played an important part in the county's economics, today's major industries include tourism, health care, and education.

Pinehurst, home of the 1999, 2005 and 2014 U.S. Open Golf Championships, is world renowned for golf and recreation. Sandhills Community College, the first community college in the state, is recognized as one of the premier community colleges in the nation to offer golf course management.

Moore Country Schools consists of twenty-three public schools, including eight K-5 schools, two K-8 schools, two K-2 schools, two 3-5 schools, five 6-8 schools, three high schools and one technical/alternative school.

The county also has one year-round elementary school. Moore Country serves 12,491 students and has over 1,630 employees. They are located throughout Pinehurst, Southern Pines and the surrounding areas. Moore Country Schools offer a comprehensive curriculum k-12 that includes workforce development, programs for special needs and gifted students and arts education. In addition to Advanced Placement courses at all three high schools, Pinecrest High School offers the International Baccalaureate Program.

Charter Schools

In addition to public schools there are two publicly funded schools independent of the public school system.

The Academy of Moore County

This school is a tuition-free school of choice serving grades 6-8 following the North Carolina course of study.

STARS - Sandhills Theatre Arts Renaissance School

Serving grades K-5, the Sandhills Theatre Arts Renaissance School is recognized as one of the thirty-five A+ schools in North Carolina. STARS is a tuition-free public school of choice offering an integrated arts curriculum which encourages the artistic potential of its students.

Private Schools

The area has a varied of selection of church and independent schools that offer private education programs. This includes The O'Neal School, a college preparatory school dedicated to the development of academic excellence which is located in Pinehurst.

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