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Moore County is a place you'll want to call home. It is relaxed, non-congested, safe and within 35 minute of Fort Bragg's main post area. It is an inviting place with an exceptional lifestyle for military families, but without the military environment.

At RE/MAX Prime Properties, we truly appreciate all you do. Our Active Military Buyer Discount is our way of thanking you for that. This program was designed as a value added benefit to assist you in your real estate needs.

When you purchase a home through Linda Maull at RE/MAX Prime Properties, you will receive the following credit back at closing based on the sales prices below: **

Benefits for Linda Maull's Active Military Buyer Clients:

Purchase Price







$650,000 & Above

Credit at Closing








This program and its benefits were designed to provide our active military buyer clients with monetary benefits that will assist them in their real estate transaction costs, based on a sliding scale pricing tier. ** Lender must approve credit which will be shown on the HUD.

No one understands the value of being home with your family more than a military service member. As an Air Force “Brat” Linda knows first- hand what it means to have Dad back home, again.

Being so close to Ft. Bragg and Pope Air Force Base, Linda Maull understands the importance of being present with the ones you love. Let her help you find a home in Moore County. It is an ideal place to get away from the everyday military lifestyle and at the same time is close to post with Ft. Bragg, Pope Air Force Base and Camp McCall only a short commute away. Moore County has some of the best schools in the area, a major advantage for families with children.

We believe that the only people who understand the uniqueness of a PCS are those who have participated in many such transitions and understand the parameters unique to Military Relocations.

Linda Maull has assisted many military families with their moves. She is professional and highly qualified to offer an outstanding level of service, covering all aspects of your move. Linda Maull serves as an invaluable source of information concerning schools, and neighborhoods and any other information or real estate service that would help you and your family during your move.

Questions? At any time, should you have any question feel free to contact Linda Maull.

Linda Maull thanks you for your service.

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